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Michigan's Leading Cannabis Producer

Driven Grow, LLC


Driven was one of the first companies to begin selling product state-wide. Operations began early 2019 in our first 12,500 square foot facility, producing flower from our 5 grow rooms, with first sales beginning in June 2019. A 13,200 square foot expansion was completed in March of 2020, adding a further 7 grow rooms, resulting in a total annual capacity of 4,000 lbs of dried flower. Factor in our recent addition of a 16,000 square foot outdoor greenhouse expansion, which is set to feed our extraction and processing facility, set to be completed Fall 2020. With a potential expansion area of over 1,000 acres, Driven Grow's Michigan property has a 3-phase development plan with a potential of up to 1,000,000 square feet of facility expansion.


The company's founder and CEO, Andrew Driver, is a pioneer of the legal cannabis industry in Michigan. Over the years, Drew has been a registered caregiver for the state of Michigan, growing medicinal cannabis for a select group of patients; he has founded and managed a dispensary, cannabis consulting company, and multiple growing and extraction facilities; he has co-founded and is currently Chairman of the Michigan Cannabis Industry Association, the premier cannabis industry group in Michigan; and has become a prominent advocate for the rights of patients to have access to consistent, safe and quality medicine. 


From the Driven Grow facility

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