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    To be a successful and professional cultivator, careful processes have to established and strictly followed. We look at the cultivation process not just from seed to harvest, but from a holistic view of the plant’s life-cycle and what each plant requires based on its then-current expression.


    It's our goal that in achieving optimal growing conditions, we will enhance the smell, taste and active ingredients of the plant. This enhancement and preservation of volatile compounds, such as terpenes and flavonoids, within the cannabis entourage can provide even more health benefits for our customers.


    Cannabis infused products, commonly referred to as edibles, provide consistent and discrete options for patients who cannot, or choose not to inhale cannabis or cannabis derived compounds. Edible products such as mints, capsules and beverages, for example, are a much less-intrusive, and in many markets, are the preferred transport method of the active medicinal components into the bloodstream.


    We are currently aligned with a number of established Australian cannabis companies regarding the quick and reliable local distribution and dispensing of our products. We are also in discussion with several international companies in the pharmaceutical, MC  and dispensary sectors, allowing us to commence distribution and sales of a range of high-quality products world-wide.

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