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Spring Sciences Australia is currently working to establish a network of  medicinal cannabis growing facilities within Queensland, with a  goal of achieving a significant share of the rapidly expanding Australian and International markets.

The first will be located in the Caboolture area of Queensland, supplying flower, live resin and whole plant oils and extracts to the domestic Australian market, as well as key International markets.

Focused on the emerging opportunities in the cultivation and use of medicinal cannabis to treat a range of medical conditions, and improve quality of life.

SSA is currently licenced with the Office of Drug Control (ODC) to cultivate and manufacture medical cannabis products and intends to commence construction of the first Caboolture facility in early 2021; the current timeline targets first harvest in Q4 2021.

The intention to grow Medicinal Cannabis in strict indoor climate-controlled conditions allows for the grow centres to be located without consideration of external climatic conditions for growing - providing several financial advantages in allowing continuous cropping, reduced energy costs, minimised land costs and access to a committed labour force.


We see our approach as significantly differentiated from other like developments in providing essential new industry, employment and revenue to regional Queensland communities. The growing facility will include industry leading management practices, contained in a strictly-controlled indoor growing environment using propriety hybrid strains, specifically designed to achieve the highest quality of product considered the only solution for 3rd and 4th generation pharmaceuticals.

Facility setup, cultivation and extraction will be completed in co-operation with Spring Sciences USA which has established cutting edge research and technology capabilities to develop a top medical cannabinoid product line for domestic and international markets.

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