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Investor Overview

Spring Sciences Australia (SSA) is currently working to establish a network of up to 11 (eleven) medicinal cannabis growing facilities within Queensland. The first will be located in the Caboolture area of Queensland, supplying flower, live resin and whole-of-plant oils to the domestic Australian market and key international markets.

SSA is currently licenced to cultivate and manufacture medicinal cannabis products and intends to commence construction of the Caboolture facility in early 2021, upon procurement of funding to align the completion of the facility.

Spring Sciences Australia is backed by Spring Sciences, a US based partnership between Umbono/Ignision and Andrew Driver, one of the pioneers of the medical cannabis industry in Michigan with over 10yrs of advocacy and cultivation experience. The partnership provides world class finance, strategy and investing skills with an unparalleled skill sets in the nascent cannabis industry. Facility setup, cultivation and extraction will be completed in co-operation with Spring Sciences which has established cutting edge research and technology capabilities to develop a top medical cannabinoid product line for domestic and international markets

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An Unusually Attractive Market

In 2016 the Australian federal government planted a seed for a local medicinal cannabis industry, which has grown to an estimated A$52 million market in 2018 and is anticipated to reach A$1.3 billion by 2028.  Spring Sciences Australia intends to penetrate 5% of the anticipated A$100m market in 2020, maintaining this market share as the industry continues its growth trajectory.


A Winning Partnership Team

An important differentiating factor that Spring Sciences Australia brings to the market is the depth of knowledge and skill base in the sector through its partnership with Spring Sciences, a leading USA cannabis cultivator and researcher in Michigan. These transferable soft and hard assets position the company to outperform other market participants in both production and sales capabilities.


A Compelling Strategy

Spring Sciences will build out leading indoor production facilities with a stacked production system which allows the company to efficiently add production capacity to continually meet and defend its market share in line with expected market growth. This system allows the Company to concurrently minimize time to market for additional capacity while significantly reducing costs per gram of finished product.


Strong Economics

The business is anticipated to generate after-tax levered free cash flow of A$25 million from 2023 forward, generating a NPV@15% of A$140 million and an after tax IRR of +95% based on conservative assumptions including a long-term wholesale cannabis flower price of A$3.4 per gram.

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